If you love coffee that makes a difference, you'll love what we do. 

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It all started at the centre of the coffee universe.

Well, the centre of Ireland actually at the home of Ireland's leading specialist coffee roastery, Bell Lane Coffee.

Stephen, Denise and the team at Bell Lane, weren't happy to just keep making better coffee. They knew that the time had come to develop a coffee brand that truly leaves a better footprint.  A new way of sourcing, roasting and serving coffee that can be equally good for people and our planet.  With a shared team commitment to  be guided by these values at every step of the journey.   

And so, Handprint Coffee was born. 

From the very first seed; to your very last sip, Handprint Coffee delivers a unique coffee experience. The decisions that we take are focused on changing things for the better.  Like how we only source sustainable coffee, from the best producers in the world. How that coffee will always be roasted by hand. How every barista is personally trained to serve the ultimate coffee experience. And how every cup of coffee is  served in a fully compostable cup. 

With our Handprint all over it.